Friday, June 22, 2007

The Grapevine Catalogue

This is the discography for the Grapevine label which was managed by Parchment's last line-up of John Pac, Sue McClellan and Pete Yates-Round. Links take you to further information on the main blog. Any help on missing albums or other corrections will be very welcome.

101 Ride! Ride! directed by Peter Coe
102 Reynard Fresh From The Earth
103 Stewart & Kyle Yours Ever
104 Pace The Trial - A Rock Musical
105 Sonrise Before My Eyes
106 Parchment Rehearsal For A Reunion
107 John Neill From the City to the Sea
108 Pete Carlson You Were There

109 Whitsuntide Easter Next Time You Play A Wrong Note
110 Voiz Boanerges
111 Salt Beyond A Song
112 Stewart And Kyle Isn't It Strange
113 Tranquility Tranquility
114 Fish Co Beneath the Laughter
115 Willy Hanssen Worthwhile

116 Andy McCarroll Epitaph for a Rebel
118 Mark Williamson Mark Williamson
119 Bill Davidson Star Wars Of Darkness And Light
120 Hope of Glory Second Look
121 Paul And Sharon Reid Take The Time
122 Kevin Gould Clear Vision
123 Unity Changes
124 Dave and Dana Morning Star
125 Willy Hanssen Lost Without Your Love

126 Mcc Thursday's Child Has Far to Go
128 Mark Williamson So Far So Good
129 Bill Davidson I Belong To You
131 Malcolm Wild Broken Chains
132 Reynard Green Anthem
133 Marie Lacey Think Again
134 Stewart & Kyle Temporary Residence
SGRV 001 Mark Williamson I Need You/Hold on Me - green Vinyl

135 Alan Shiers Lamplighter
137 Parchment Light Up the Fire (reissue)
142 Dave Kelly Crowning of a Simple Man

The Grapevine Records story:
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Anonymous said...

Grapevine updates

107 John Neil From the city to the sea 1976

113 Tranquilty s/t

120 Hope of Glory Second Look

Anonymous said...

Hi, all! Can anybody help me? I'm looking for songs lyrics from the "Hollywood sunset" album. You can contact me at; and

johnoregan said...

Further updates to the Grapevine catalogue includes a Cynthia Clawson album "It was his Love" -this is a licensed copy from a US company. I have a coopy of it and will post a catalogue number soon.

pf said...

Hi John. Any information on the Cynthia Clawson album will be gratefully received as it's not in The Archivist