Sunday, April 22, 2007

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pf said...

In response to a question about Hollywood Sunset being available on CD:
all the tracks are on the Simply...Parchment CD collection.

I don't think there was ever an official Hollywood Sunset CD although one or two distributors made CD versions to sell with vinyl.

Patrick Fiset said...

Not all the trackes are on this collection.
Well, they are not listed there :

There's only 4 songs from Hollywood Sunset.
Can you please post a "Hollywood Sunset" download link on the blog?

pf said...

Hi Patrick. The tracks listed at Cross Rhythms are from only one of 3 CDs on the collection.

This link lists the tracks excluded from the CD, none from Hollywood Parchment.

bld said...

Many years ago I went to stay with my uncle who had a vinyl record by a group. We remember the lyrics of one song (possibly erroneously) as being "Bip bam boo a bubble a boo and you can't keep a good boy (man?) down X 2/You can tie him to a rock or an easy chair/three days later and he won't be there now".
That's all I can remember. I really loved the song and want to track the album down. Could you help? Was it a Parchment song or another gospel group?

pf said...

Belinda, yes it was Parchment and it was on the Light Up the Fire album.

The song is Zip Bam Boo and goes
"Zip Bam Boo, zama lama la boo
you can't keep a good man down
you can tie him to a cross or an easy chair
and three days later he won't be there."

It's not on the Simply...Parchment CD collection, possibly because it was felt to be a little too irreverent.

The Light Up the Fire vinyl is quite easy to get hold of.

pf said...

Hi Q, ref your query about Light up the Fire, it is around on the web. I know there are several music blogs that have posted it for download. Afraid I'm not going to post links because of copyright issues. That's because it's on the Simply...Parchment CD, which has both versions recorded by the band. Do get your hands on it - I listened to it again today: it's still amazing!

Anonymous said...


I'm curious about one song from the Simply Parchment collection. It's a beautiful song called: "walk beside me." I don't see it listed on any of their individual albums. Was that a single or something unearthed from the vaults?

pf said...

Hi it's on Rehearsal for a Reunion and is listed as "Still Waters". Agree, it's a lovely song and is a fine example of Sue McClellan's later work - in many ways a bridge to her work with River 20 years later. I also share your sense there must be more "in the vaults". Live recordings?